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Another worshipfull track blending rap and gospel praise ... features Vocab Malone.

Praise music meets rap ...

An important character on the show who was born from "Islamicize Me".

Episode #224How'd we get our current Bible? Why do we have the books we do in the NT? Were some "left out"? Vocab talks w Phillip Evans of Tyndale Ho...View Details

Episode #223What is the quality of the NT text? What do we know about early Christian copyists? What was the character of early Christian book produc...View Details

Episode #222 The Five Percent Nation is a religious group that broke away from the Nation of Islam. Based in New York, their ideas and vocabulary hea...View Details

EPISODE #221Christian rap pioneer FRED LYNCH talks:

PID and Christian hip hop history rapping the entire gospel of John his relationship ...View Details

Episode #220 We talk to James White about his book, "What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an". We focus on Chapter 11: "The Perfection of...View Details

Episode #219Dr. James White speaks on his debates w Muslim apologists. Hear exciting news from his travels to S. Africa and learn the significance of...View Details

Bible Among the Myths

Episode #218OT expert Dr. John Oswalt compares the Hebrew Scriptures to the religious literature of other ancient peoples. Dr. Oswalt explains the An...View Details

Apologetics in Isaiah

Episode #217OT scholar John Oswalt on the book of Isaiah:- fulfilled prophecy- apologetic issues- polemics against false gods- Dead Sea Scrolls and t...View Details

Prophecy in Isaiah

Episode #216Fulfilled prophecies are an important apologetic proof. BPR drops some knowledge from the book of Isaiah. We also delve into key theologi...View Details

Episode #215Atheist-turned-Muslim, Andrew Livingston, writes counter-apologetic articles for TAQWA, an Islamic youth culture magazine. Vocab and Andr...View Details

Episode #214Jonathan Sarfati and BPR in front of a live audience. Questions include: creation, evolution, age of the earth, interpreting Genesis, mol...View Details

Episode #213Children's church curriculum *is* an apologetics issue. Unfortunately, most of it is *weak*. Enter: THE GOSPEL PROJECT! Trevin talks theo...View Details

Episode #212Creation scientist David Menton gives a detailed explanation Lucy's anatomy, followed by a refutation of evolutionist's claims about her....View Details

Episode #211Pastor Jamal Bishara drops by the studio to tell the truth about Christians from the Middle East. Plus: Islamic communities in the US and...View Details

Problems with the Quran

Episode #210Anthony Rogers gives a devastating theological, philosophical and scientific critique of the Qur'an. He exposes contradictions, mistakes,...View Details

New Age “Jesus”

Episode #209 What is New Age spirituality? What's up w Jesus and the New Age? How do Eastern religions fit w Christianity? Dr. Doug Groothuis explain...View Details

Episode #208 Dr. Kurt Wise tells us about his:days at Harvard with Stephen Jay Gould faithful approach to Scripture and science model of the pre- and...View Details

Counter Cultural Church

Episode #207 Pastor Vermon of The Gospel Coalition discusses the content of his book. The church as a distinct light in a dark place.  The united chu...View Details

Batman and the Gospel

Episode #206 Film critic Paul Asay of PLUGGED IN and Christian comic book writer/artist Bryce Morgan discuss gospel elements in the BATMAN mythos. We...View Details

Episode #205 Missionary David Witt compares and contrasts the Islamic doctrine of martyrdom and jihad with the Christian doctrine of suffering and pe...View Details

Human and Chimp DNA

Episode #204  Dr. Jeff Tomkins of the Institute for Creation Research joins us to discuss the DNA of chimps and humans based on these two articles:ht...View Details

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