A unique show that covers theology, faith, & culture w/a fresh urban slant. Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE debates, discusses, and dissects relevant questions and issues about the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective.

June 15, 2014

Truth in Love to Mormons [06/15/2014]

bprCOVER-195.jpg EPISODE #195
When a Christian shares the gospel, what does the typical Mormon think and feel? How can the church witness (and not just debate or dispense information) in love to Mormons? We focus on equipping evangelicals to better reach their LDS friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

Special Guest: Mark J. Cares, author of Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons and President of Truth in Love Ministries

July 28, 2013

Utah Mormon Culture [07/28/2013]

Utah resident and ex-Mormon turned church planter Chris Murray gives us the low down on LDS slang and Mormon culture. From BYU to FLDS to SLC, this show has it all! We also unveil our new intro, courtesy of CDZ the Messenger and producer David Elijah.

Special Guest: Chris Murray aka CDZ the Messenger

October 16, 2012

Mormon Archaeology and Artifacts [10/14/2012]


According to the BoM, what artifacts SHOULD be there? How do LDS apologists and archaeologists explain this? Examples include: Plates, leftovers from battles that were fought, or evidence of Reformed Egyptian. 

Special Guest: Sandra Tanner
November 3, 2012

A Mormon President? [11/04/2012]

Two days before the presidential election, the Backpack Radio team discusses their thoughts on the possibility of a Mormon president in Mitt Romney. We ask our guests to share their viewpoints about this while keeping Scripture at the center of the discussion. 

Special Guests: Dr. Andrew Jackson, author of The Mormon Faith of Mitt Romney, and Aaron Shafovaloff of Mormonism Research Ministry

October 6, 2012

Salt Lake City Evangelism [9/30/2012]


Vocab explains what he learned on his recent trip to Utah about the LDS as he was sharing the gospel with Mormons. Vocab shares his experience about witnessing with Aaron Shafovaloff downtown at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
May 13, 2012

Did God Ever Sin? [05/13/2012]


LDS theology falsely teaches that God was once a man who progressed to godhood; this leaves open the possibility that God could have sinned. We ask some hard-hitting questions, such as "If God once sinned, who forgave his sins?". 

Special Guest: Aaron Shafovaloff of Mormonism Research Ministry
January 16, 2012

Mormons and The Virgin(?) Conception [01/15/2012]


Did Heavenly Father come down in his exalted human body and have sex with Mary - his own daughter - to impregnate her with Jesus? The question touches on a whole multitude of key issues such as the Mormon concept of God and man; Elohim's Heavenly wife (or even wives); incest; adultery, and the confusion about LDS doctrine among the rank and file Mormons regarding this issue. 

  Special Guest: Jeff Durbin
November 21, 2011

The Book of Mormon and Geography [11/20/2011]


We explore:

  • Why are there no maps in the back of the Book of Mormon?
  • What was Joseph Smith's view on boM geography?
  • What is the current day position of the LDS church's authorities on BoM geography?
  • What are some of the current LDS scholarly theories about BoM geography?
  • What about all the LDS-themed tours to the prospective locations?
  • What should be our response to these claims about BoM Geography

Special Guest: Chip Thompson of Tri-Grace Ministries.

September 26, 2011

Have You Talked to Your Priest Today? [09/25/11]


Important Backpack Radio show on the priesthood of all believers over and against the claims of both Rome and Salt Lake City.
July 30, 2011

The Past, Present, and Future of ‘Anti-Mormon’ Apologetics [07/24/11]


Sandra Tanner is a former Mormon. The Lord used her and her husband (now deceased) to open up the field for evangelicals into primary document research on the LDS church. It is fascinating to hear her take on what was around when she began in this field, how it has developed since then and her thoughts on the future. 

Special Guests: Sandra Tanner, Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church, and Andy Poland of Concerned Christians

*please note the use of 'Anti-Mormon' in the title is in quotations, as Mormons refer to all counter cult work as 'Anti-Mormon' - we use it ironically.
July 18, 2011

LDS Apologist Critiques Backpack Radio [07/17/2011]


LDS apologist and FAIR contributor Mckay V. Jones reviews and critiques all of Backpack Radio's previous LDS-related broadcasts. s Backpack hosts Pastor Bob and Vocab Malone respond to his comments and a conversation ensues. 

Special Guest: McKay V. Jones
July 17, 2011

3 LDS Missionaries, 2 Christian Pastors and 1 Mormon Bishop Walk Into a Radio Studio [07/10/11]


Backpack pastors Bob and Vocab discuss a slew of comments from Mormon Missionaries with our guest McKay V. Jones, an LDS apologist. 

Special Guest: McKay V. Jones of FAIR

June 30, 2011

Mormon Missionaries in My Living Room [06/26/2011]

Mormon Missionaries in My Living Room [06/26/2011]:

The Backpack crew critiques recorded clips of Mormon Missionaries who landed in the living room of Vocab.


May 4, 2011

Mormons and the Trinity [05/01/2011]

Professor Sanjay Merchant dissects the Mormon theology interesting interpretations of the Triune God of the Old and New Testament scriptures.

Guest: Sanjay Merchant, Professor @Moody Bible Institute.

December 6, 2010

Adventures in Witnessing to Mormons [12/05/10]

Adventures in Witnessing to Mormons [12/05/2010]

Centered around the ministry of reaching Mormons, specifically at the Temple during the Easter pageant and Christmas lights in Mesa, AZ. We discuss some fun stories of adventures out there and even answered some common objections. We hope that it motivates you to reach the LDS around you with the Gospel of salvation by God's grace through faith in Christ Alone.

Special Guests: Luke Pierson and Jeff Durbin of Apologia Ministries EPISODE 10