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January 4, 2015

New Testament Canon: Covenant & Community [01/04/2015]

Last BPR show Episode #224

How did we get our current Bible? Why do we have the books we do in the New Testament? Were some books left out of the New Testament? Vocab discusses these issues with Phillip Evans of Tyndale House and Christian hip hop artist Davis Absolute.

Special Guests: Phillip Evans, Executive Director of the American Friends of Tyndale House Cambridge and Christian hip hop artist Davis Absolute

*Featured Song: Justword - Picture That (Light Generation)

November 2, 2014

Misconceptions About Islam DEBATE [11/02/2014]

bprCOVER-215.jpg Episode #215

Atheist-turned-Muslim, Andrew Livingston writes counter-apologetic articles for TAQWA, an Islamic youth culture magazine. Vocab and Andrew debate Islamic soteriology and New Testament reliability.

Special Guest: Andrew Livingston, writer for TAQWA Magazine, author of Snatching Shadows novel

*Featured Song: Foreknown - Double Tap (Ornithology)*

December 8, 2013

Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 2 [12/08/2013]

An in-studio debate between Pastor Vocab and atheist David Fitzgerald.
David is the author of Nailed, a book arguing Jesus never existed. Our focus is the non-biblical evidence for Jesus, such as the Jewish historian Josephus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance

Watch uncut interview on video here, we even have the in between break discussion and a special extended discussion after the show... 

December 1, 2013

Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 1 [12/01/2013]

Vocab debates with atheist author David Fitzgerald watch his talk @SkeptiCon. David wrote Nailed, which claims Jesus never existed at all. Our main topic is the biblical evidence for Jesus, especially the Pauline corpus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance

May 5, 2013

My Lord and My God! [05/05/2013]


Vocab and Vermon discuss John 20:28, where Thomas says to Jesus, "My Lord and My God." Learn the context of a verse which triumphs over all deficient Christologies, especially that of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. 

October 28, 2012

NT Reliability & Jesus Apps [10/28/2012]


We talk about the New Testament app Doug Powell created (NT iWitness) and his new book (Jesus iWitness). We focus on the reliability of the New Testament and the truth about the historical Jesus. We spend some time talking about using apps and technology to witness or teach.

Special Guest: Doug Powell of SelflessDefense.com
May 21, 2012

Who Wrote the New Testament? [05/20/2012]


 On this show we interact with the Dr. Bart Ehrman Forged book:

-We focus on the question of "who wrote the Gospels?"
-We also broach the authorship of Paul's letters.
-We also pause for a few secs during the interview to ask him some fun questions about Taekwondo.

Special Guest: Dr. Mike Licona

April 24, 2012

Apologetics in John 17 [04/22/2012]


Inerrancy. Pre-Incarnation Christology. Trinitarianism. Preservation of the Saints. Did you know all these topics can be found in John 17? You'll need your Bible for this one. Learn and grow!

December 18, 2011

Is John’s Gospel Reliable? [12/18/2011]


 In a discussion Vocab had with the host of an atheist podcast, he was told:
my argument pushes for a historical Jesus and your argument is for a theological one. This is why such a conversation is nearly impossible. Additionally, monogenes only appears in John, and let's face it, that gospel is ******* trippy :) I much prefer the Q source (since historians don't generally regard John as a very accurate portrayal of a historical Jesus).

This power-packed edition of Backpack Radio is a response to the claim that the Gospel of John is unreliable as a historical document.