A unique show that covers theology, faith, & culture w/a fresh urban slant. Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE debates, discusses, and dissects relevant questions and issues about the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective.

October 5, 2014

Christians from the Middle East [10/05/2014]

bprCOVER-211.jpg Episode #211

Our friend and brother Jamal Bishara drops by the studio to tell us the truth about Christians from the Middle East. Plus: Islamic communities in the US, training Christians to witness to Muslims.

Special Guest: Pastor Jamal Bishara of First Arabic Baptist Church

October 12, 2014

Lucy’s Feet & Burning Man [10/12/2014]

bprCOVER-212.jpg Episode #212

David Menton gives a detailed explanation Lucy's anatomy, followed by a refutation of evolutionist's claims about her. Plus: Jordan Worley on witnessing @the infamous Burning Man Festival in Nevada!

Special Guests: Dr. David Menton of Answers in Genesis & Jordan Worley, guest host of RemnantX Radio (listen here when he interviewed Vocab on presuppositional apologetics)

August 24, 2014

Islamic Doctrine of Martyrdom [08/24/14]

bprCOVER-205.jpg Episode #205 

Missionary David Witt compares and contrasts the Islamic doctrine of martyrdom and jihad with the Christian doctrine of suffering and persecution. Also, how to share the love of Christ with Muslims in dangerous contexts: we 'HEART' Muslims!

Special Guest: David Witt of Spirit of Martyrdom

June 15, 2014

Truth in Love to Mormons [06/15/2014]

bprCOVER-195.jpg EPISODE #195
When a Christian shares the gospel, what does the typical Mormon think and feel? How can the church witness (and not just debate or dispense information) in love to Mormons? We focus on equipping evangelicals to better reach their LDS friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers.

Special Guest: Mark J. Cares, author of Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons and President of Truth in Love Ministries

June 8, 2014

Jewish Believers in Jesus [06/08/2014]

bprCOVER-194.jpg EPISODE #194

A Jewish believer in Jesus breaks down what ministry to non-Christian Jewish people looks like. Hear how Messianic prophecy plays a key role in apologetics and our guest's testimony!

Special Guest: Jeff Kran of Chosen People Ministries

June 1, 2014

Real Talk on Missions [06/01/2014]

bprCOVER-187.jpg EPISODE #193
Real talk on the theological impulses behind missions. Vocab and Bob share their experiences with missions work in Peru, France and Kenya. The grimy facts and realities about missions drawn from Scripture.

BONUS: Here is a video of a sermon Vocab preached on "A Theology of Missions"

April 6, 2014

The Myth of Neutrality [04/06/2014]

Is there a such a thing as "neutrality"? Do Christians and non-Christians have "common ground"? Chris Bolt joins us to explain why pushing the antithesis is crucial in apologetics.

Special Guest: Chris Bolt of Choosing Hats.

March 23, 2014

Is Jesus the ONLY Way? [03/23/2014]

Are all religions basically the same? Is Jesus the ONLY way? What of those who never hear? What does the Bible say? What can we conclude? Includes a dash of tomfoolery, courtesy of the amateurs our friends over at Apologia Radio.

Special Guest: Sean McDowell of Worldview Ministries

October 27, 2013

Facebook Epistemology [10/27/2013]

How to witness and do apologetics on Facebook in a Christ-like, God-glorifying way. Includes a crash course on Christian epistemology and dealing with atheists online.

Special Guest: Colin Samul of Viral Apologetics

August 11, 2013

Affected by Apologetics [08/11/2013]

Testimonials of how Christian apologetics have shaped the faith of three men. Marty Clapp (THE MAILMAN APOLOGIST) mentors young men, James Umber is a Creation lay-apologist, and Robert Contreras is a ner Christian who works as a police officer.

Special Guests: Marty Clapp, James Umber, and Robert Contreras.

August 4, 2013

Black Hebrew Israelites [08/04/2013]

You know those dudes yelling and swearing about keeping Old Testament Law while holding strange signs and wearing even stranger clothes? We play some audio clips of Vocab interacting with this group - the Black Hebrew Israelite cult - about all things theological. This joint right here ... is ... straight crazy.

Special Guest: SlimJim of The Veritas Domain blog

April 29, 2013

The Mailman Apologist [04/28/2013]


 Vocab is joined by working class apologist Marty Clapp. Marty is a mailman during the day and yet an apologist. Marty shares some amazing stories from both the high school and college ministry he has done. This show gives hope to the so-called non-professionals (like us)! 

  Special Guest: Marty Clapp of Think Again Apologetics
October 7, 2012

Bold Evangelism [10/07/2012]


We focus on the missionary zeal that Paul and the early church demonstrated. What this should mean for us today?We also talk about The Street Apologist and interact with listener feedback.

October 6, 2012

Salt Lake City Evangelism [9/30/2012]


Vocab explains what he learned on his recent trip to Utah about the LDS as he was sharing the gospel with Mormons. Vocab shares his experience about witnessing with Aaron Shafovaloff downtown at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
June 18, 2012

The Tattooed Missionary [06/17/2012]


"The Tattooed Missionary" speaks about the status of the Ukraine and the Eastern Orthodox Church as it relates to worldview issues and cultural influence. We talk about art and apologetics in missions, lay out the biblical case for missions, and ask: "what should a God-centered theology of missions look like and what should it DO?" 

March 27, 2012

Should Catholics Be Evangelized? [03/25/2012]


Our guest is author and former Roman Catholic Chris Castaldo. Chris joins us to discuss how to witness to your Roman Catholic friends and family with compassion - and yet without compromise. 

Special Guest: Chris Castaldo
March 4, 2012

TACTICS in Evangelism [03/04/2012]


Greg Koukl discusses the TACTICS approach to evangelism and using the Columbo method (the use of questions in evangelism). Many will find this program very helpful. 

  Special Guest: Greg Koukl of STR (Stand to Reason)
November 7, 2011

The Dearborn Incident [11/06/2011]

A glimpse of Islamic persecution in the US. We talk to one of the missionaries who was arrested for witnessing to Muslims at the Arabic Festival in Michigan. We also have a lot of fun as we talk (and rap with) to apologist  David Wood about Sharia Law and what that means. 

Special Guest: David Wood of Acts17 Ministries
Check out David's great blog

September 19, 2011

Witnessing to Muslims [09/18/2011]

This narrative-driven Backpack Radio show is a story about, well, WITNESSING TO MUSLIMS.
Listen in as we talk about Vocab's trip to a mosque - during Ramadan and even on Laylat al-Qadr.

June 30, 2011

Mormon Missionaries in My Living Room [06/26/2011]

Mormon Missionaries in My Living Room [06/26/2011]:

The Backpack crew critiques recorded clips of Mormon Missionaries who landed in the living room of Vocab.


June 13, 2011

Jehovah’s Witnesses in My Living Room - Again [06/13/2011]

Jehovah's Witnesses In My Living Room - Again [06/13/2011]

Listen in on a real life conversation between Vocab and a few members of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Listen to the slick upgrade in sound quality this episode thanks to our recording guy James!


March 28, 2011

Get to Know an Atheist [03/27/2011]

Get to Know an Atheist [03/27/2011]

While walking somewhere in public, have you ever been handed a gospel tract by a street evangelist? OK, but have you ever been handed a tract promoting atheism? Probably not - but Shawn plans to change that with his atheistic tracts and t-shirts. His website is Better Than Faith

Guest: Shawn “Kazz” Esplin of the Mill Ave Resistance


February 21, 2011

Open-Air Preaching: A Second Look [02/20/11]

Open-Air Preaching: A Second Look [02/20/2011]

Is open-air preaching useful for the kingdom of God? Or is it irrelevant and even outside of the Biblical parameters for evangelism? Two real life street preachers join us to discuss open-air preaching and its Biblical defense.

Special Guests: Rob-roy Nelson and Stephen Gonzales EPISODE 21

December 6, 2010

Adventures in Witnessing to Mormons [12/05/10]

Adventures in Witnessing to Mormons [12/05/2010]

Centered around the ministry of reaching Mormons, specifically at the Temple during the Easter pageant and Christmas lights in Mesa, AZ. We discuss some fun stories of adventures out there and even answered some common objections. We hope that it motivates you to reach the LDS around you with the Gospel of salvation by God's grace through faith in Christ Alone.

Special Guests: Luke Pierson and Jeff Durbin of Apologia Ministries EPISODE 10