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Episode #219Dr. James White speaks on his debates w Muslim apologists. Hear exciting news from his travels to S. Africa and learn the significance of...View Details

Episode #215Atheist-turned-Muslim, Andrew Livingston, writes counter-apologetic articles for TAQWA, an Islamic youth culture magazine. Vocab and Andr...View Details

EPISODE #187 Seth Andrews, host of the popular Thinking Atheist podcast, shares what he refers to as his "deconversion" story. Then, we ask each othe...View Details

Human Rights DEBATE

EPISODE #186 What are human "rights"? Where do they come from? Atheist Andre Salais of The Unbelievers Blog and Pastor Vocab discuss...View Details

Debate Methodology

EPISODE #173 The rationale for debates and why Vocab Malone does his debates in a specific way/style/method. We explore Biblical/historical instr...View Details

EPISODE #168 An in-studio debate between Vocab Malone and atheist David Fitzgerald. David is the author of Nailed, a book arguing Jesus never exi...View Details

EPISODE #167 Vocab debates with atheist author David Fitzgerald watch his talk @SkeptiCon. David wrote Nailed, which claims Jesus never existed at all...View Details

Objective Morality DEBATE

EPISODE #166 Atheist Edward Tracy of Tyler, Texas and Vocab debate the question "If there is no God, can there be objective morals?" When we make mora...View Details

EPISODE #159 Several callers voice their opinion on Vocab's debate with atheist Spencer Hawkins of Unbelievers Radio. We speak to an apologist an...View Details

EPISODE #151 Notorious atheist B. Strong was on before to debate the historical Jesus. This time we discuss evolution: its evidence and its implicatio...View Details

EPISODE #133 A debate with atheist blogger Skeptimus Prime on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Vocab and Dylan lay out their views side by side a...View Details

Purpose & Meaning DEBATE

EPISODE #130 Debate with VOCAB MALONE and atheist Patrick Callahan (student at University of Arizona) on meaning and purpose. Includes a moderated de...View Details

Nadir Ahmed DEBATE

EPISODE #122 Vocab Malone vs. Muslim apologist Nadir Ahmed on the question of "Does God Kill Innocent People?"    Special Guest: Nadir Ah...View Details

EPISODE #104 Vocab debates the resurrection. Did it happen? Are miracles even possible?    SPECIAL GUEST: Author and blogger Nicholas Cov...View Details

EPISODE #97 A cordial and respectful debate between Vocab and his friend Pastor Lawrence Garcia on the NPP. Some of the questions we cover:  &n...View Details

Is Jesus a Myth? DEBATE

EPISODE #94 Debate with atheist author B. Strong (who has also appeared on The Unbelievable Radio program in London) on the question of "what can we ...View Details

Atheists Behaving Badly

EPISODE #83We review a recent event which was titled: "A Christian & Atheist Discussion: 'Does Evil Nullify God's Existence?'". The participa...View Details

EPISODE #30Jeff Durbin joins the Backpack crew to recap the recent debate on April 1, 2011 (AUDIO: Which Makes More Sense - Christianity or Atheism). ...View Details

EPISODE #154 (RetCon)We accidentally skipped Episode #154 in our initial numbering system! To make up for it, we uploaded an archived show from when B...View Details

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