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December 8, 2013

Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 2 [12/08/2013]

An in-studio debate between Pastor Vocab and atheist David Fitzgerald.
David is the author of Nailed, a book arguing Jesus never existed. Our focus is the non-biblical evidence for Jesus, such as the Jewish historian Josephus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance

Watch uncut interview on video here, we even have the in between break discussion and a special extended discussion after the show... 

December 1, 2013

Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 1 [12/01/2013]

Vocab debates with atheist author David Fitzgerald watch his talk @SkeptiCon. David wrote Nailed, which claims Jesus never existed at all. Our main topic is the biblical evidence for Jesus, especially the Pauline corpus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance

January 6, 2013

Zoroastrianism [01/06/2013]


JP Holding on the ol' Zoroastrian charges: "Judaism is a rip-off' or 'Christianity borrowed from it' and all that stuff.

We ask this about Zoroastrianism:
-what is it?
-how do people use these arguments?
-what are the supposed parallels/influences?
-what are the answers? 

 Special Guest: JP Holding of Tektonics.org
July 15, 2012

Is Jesus a Myth? DEBATE [07/15/2012]


Debate with atheist author B. Strong (who has also appeared on The Unbelievable Radio program in London) on the question of "what can we know about the historical Jesus?" This debate focuses on the question of "is Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible, a pure myth?" 

Special Guest: Brett Strong of "Jesus is a Hoax" fame

November 22, 2010

Mithras, Jesus & … Charles? [11/21/2010]

Mithras, Jesus & … Charles?  [11/21/10]

Historical insight on "The Christ-Myth" hypothesis. A professor @Arizona State University teaches this - who is it? We call him out by name on this show. We tracked down one of his former students and let him give you a firsthand account of life in ASU's Religious Studies Department. Our secret operatives inside ASU managed to track down three different hard copies of some tests where this professor actually tests students on how well they can repeat this false information.

Special Guest: "Sparky"