May 26, 2013

Common Good & Christians [05/26/2013]


What is the mission of the church? What are the historic debates on this question? We bring in the specific example of orphan care, zooming in on Arizona. Recommended Resource: What is the Mission of the Church? by Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert.

  Special Guest: Dennae Pierre of Together for Adoption 

November 13, 2011

The Abolition of Adoption in Islam [11/13/2011]


This shocking show about the abolition of adoption in Islam is significant because two of the show's hosts have adopted. This intriguing episode also speaks volumes about the composition of the Qur'an and shines a light on the character of Muhammad. 

Special Guest: Sam Shamoun of
October 25, 2011

The Theology of Adoption [10/16/11]


When Christians speak of the benefits of salvation, they speak of adoption. When Christians speak of God's heart for the orphan, they speak of adoption. This heart felt BPR show is on the biblical theology of adoption being the foundation for  'earthly' adoption.