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May 11, 2014

Truth About Planned Parenthood [05/11/2014]

bprCOVER-187.jpg EPISODE #190
What is Planned Parenthood? What is abortion (methods, risks, etc.). Why do some charities and churches support PP? How can we stop Planned Parenthood and what are better alternatives?

SPECIAL GUEST: Jason Walsh of Arizona Right to Life

June 16, 2013

Why Pro-Life? [06/16/2013]


Why should we be pro-life? Our guest is Letitia Wong, co-hosts a radio program and is a member of the Journey in St. Louis. A wildly diverse show where we go from discussing Phoenix Comicon to GI Joe cartoons to abortion - but somehow it 'works' - right? 

  Special Guest: Letitia Wong, co-host of Pro-Life Fridays
October 22, 2012

Abortion DEBATE [10/21/2012]


Vocab debates atheist Dylan Walker in-studio on the topic of abortion. Is it moral or immoral? Either way, why? Pastor Vermon hosts while Pastor Bob moderates. 

  Special Guest: Dylan Walker aka Skeptimus Prime
January 22, 2012

Images in the Abortion Debate [01/22/2012]


We are joined by Jason Walsh of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. We give him a chance to lay out the reasons why he uses graphic images of aborted babies in public places as he seeks to make abortion unthinkable.

Special Guest: Jason Walsh of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform