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The Thinking Atheist INTERVIEW & DEBATE pt. 1 [04/20/2014]

bprCOVER-187.jpg EPISODE #187
Seth Andrews, host of the popular Thinking Atheist podcast, shares what he refers to as his "deconversion" story. Then, we ask each other questions and debate our answers. Our hope is that each "side" of the audience will better understand the other ... and maybe even think about some things in a slightly different way.

Special Guest: Seth Andrews, author of Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason

*BONUS AUDIO! An lively in-depth off-air segment between Vocab, Vermon and Seth.


Human Rights DEBATE [04/13/2014]

What are human "rights"? Where do they come from? Atheist Andre Salais of The Unbelievers Blog and Pastor Vocab discuss the concept of individual rights: freedom of conscience, speech, religious liberty and a brief excursus on the Canaanite judgment.

Special Guest: Andre Salais, President of The Secular Student Alliance at Arizona State University.


The Myth of Neutrality [04/06/2014]

Is there a such a thing as "neutrality"? Do Christians and non-Christians have "common ground"? Chris Bolt joins us to explain why pushing the antithesis is crucial in apologetics.

Special Guest: Chris Bolt of Choosing Hats.


Against the Gods [03/30/2014]

Did Israelite religion incorporate pagan motifs into its writings? If so, why? Archaeologist and Ancient Near Eastern scholar Dr. John Currid joins us to explain the polemical theology of the Old Testament.

Special Guest: Dr. John Currid (Ph.D., University of Chicago), author of Against the Gods


Is Jesus the ONLY Way? [03/23/2014]


Are all religions basically the same? Is Jesus the ONLY way? What of those who never hear? What does the Bible say? What can we conclude? Includes a dash of tomfoolery, courtesy of the amateurs our friends over at Apologia Radio.

Special Guest: Sean McDowell of Worldview Ministries


What is Love? [03/16/2014]

What is love ... really? In answer to this question, we exegete 1 Corinthians 13. We also read some of your e-mails. Theme music courtesy of Old School Christian hip hop: Freedom of Soul, Mike-E and PID.


King James Version Controversy [03/09/2014]

Topics: Origins and translation of the KJV. False assumptions about the Textus Receptus. Textual and translational deficiencies. The "KJV Only” attack on ancient manuscripts and modern translations.

Special Guest: Dr. Ed Dalcour, author of The King James Version: The New Testament Textual and Translational Disputations.


Progressive Covenantalism [03/02/2014]

Based on an e-mail question from a listener. How does Progressive Covenantalism eschatology differ from Dispensationalism... and even classic Covenant Theology? We survey Kingdom through Covenant by Peter Gentry for a balanced view of the covenants.

Special Guest: Dr. John Meade of Phoenix Seminary


What Is Biblical Theology? [02/23/2014]

-The differences between historical or systematic and Biblical theology
-Meanings and import of key symbols in the Bible
-Biblical theology in relation to sexism and slavery
-The practical impact of Biblical Theology

Special Guest: James M. Hamilton Jr. (professor of biblical theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and author of What Is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible's Story, Symbolism, and Patterns


Covenantal Apologetics [02/16/2014]

We cover:
-The biblical and theological foundations for presuppositional apologetics.
-The history of philosophy and the impact of Immanuel Kant.
-Guidance for interacting with and persuading those who don’t believe.

Special Guest: K. Scott Oliphint  (professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster), author of  Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith


What is YOUR Worldview? [02/09/2014]

How can we become aware of our biases?
Our presuppositions? How can a person’s worldview change? How does this relate to apologetics and evangelism? We discuss these questions, plus give some love to our LA listeners! 

Special Guest: Dr. James N. Anderson (professor of theology & philosophy @RTS), author of What’s Your Worldview?


Thinking about Thinking [02/02/2014]

Studying and thinking are aspects of Christian discipleship.
Our guest Pastor Tommy talks about the need for Christians to love the Lord with all of their minds.
A special issue featuring Backpack Radio’s origin story!

Special Guest: Pastor Tommy Russell


Nouthetic Counseling [01/26/2014]

EPISODE: #175 
Nouthetic counseling: the history, the basis and some resources.
How does the biblical counseling model differ from other models?
Jeff even gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his appearance on The History Channel regarding drug addiction.

Special Guest: Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio

What is Presbyterianism? [01/19/2014]

Introduction to the topic of Presbyterianism: the doctrine, the history, the practice.
Vocab even interviews a crusty Presbyterian curmudgeon.


Debate Methodology [01/12/2014]

The rationale for our BPR debates and why we do our debates in a specific way/style/method.
We explore Biblical/historical instructions and reasons/guidelines for debating.
Brief review of some of our past debates.


Liberal Christianity [01/05/2014]

What is "liberal Christianity"? What is the current state of theologically liberal Christianity? The crew shares some stories about their experiences with liberal Christianity and gives some practical thoughts on the matter.


What is a Worldview? [12/29/2013]

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 describes a struggle of ideas, a conflict of worldviews. What is a worldview and why does it matter? We survey Hedonism, Naturalism, and Postmodernism. Includes thoughts on how to develop a Christian Worldview!


The Story of the Bible [12/22/2013]

What is the overall theme of Scripture? From the Torah, Joshua, Kings/Chronicles, the Prophets, to the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles and Revelation - how do we see JESUS? How should this story affect the way we think about our lives?


Wayne Grudem on Scripture LIVE! [12/15/2013]

Pastor Vermon and Vocab interview Dr. Wayne Grudem live at the Sola Scriptura Conference. Dr. Grudem also answers a variety of questions from the audience. Lots of fun, lots of wisdom.

Special Guest: Dr. Wayne Grudem

BONUS (VIDEO): Sola Scriptura Conference LIVE with Wayne Grudem


Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 2 [12/08/2013]

An in-studio debate between Pastor Vocab and atheist David Fitzgerald.
David is the author of Nailed, a book arguing Jesus never existed. Our focus is the non-biblical evidence for Jesus, such as the Jewish historian Josephus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance

Watch uncut interview on video here, we even have the in between break discussion and a special extended discussion after the show... 


Did Jesus Exist? DEBATE part 1 [12/01/2013]

Vocab debates with atheist author David Fitzgerald watch his talk @SkeptiCon. David wrote Nailed, which claims Jesus never existed at all. Our main topic is the biblical evidence for Jesus, especially the Pauline corpus.

Special Guest: David Fitzgerald of the Secular Student Alliance


Objective Morality DEBATE [11/24/2013]

Atheist Edward Tracy of Tyler, Texas and Vocab debate the question "If there is no God, can there be objective morals?" When we make moral claims, who is being consistent with their axioms - the atheist or the Christian? Vocab holds that atheism steps outside its own worldview to make objective moral statements.

Special Guest: Edward Tracy of Religion on the Brain


The Vermon Trilogy [11/17/2013]

One of our hosts, Vermon, has written three Gospel Coalition blog posts
1: “The Awesome Church”
2: “Don't Throw Out Your Nice Suit Just Yet”
3: “Why I Wanted to Go to the Million Man March”


Cults, Heresies & World Religions [11/10/2013]


Interview with Doug Powell on his two newest apps: iWitness World Religions and iWitness Cults & Heresies

We define key terms, travel through church history and get a snapshot of Christian Science and a few Eastern religions. 

Special Guest: Doug Powell

Signature in the Cell Synopsis [11/03/2013]

Vocab gives his synopsis of Dr. Stephen C. Meyer's 522-page book, Signature in the Cell (HarperOne, 2009)

Check out our interview with Dr. Meyer on his latest book, Darwin's Doubt!

Facebook Epistemology [10/27/2013]

How to witness and do apologetics on Facebook in a Christ-like, God-glorifying way. Includes a crash course on Christian epistemology and dealing with atheists online.

Special Guest: Colin Samul of Viral Apologetics


Ministry to Muslims [10/20/2013]

This episode:
Debating Islamic apologists.
Witnessing to Muslims outside the mosque.
Getting beat up for not memorizing the Qur'an.
Growing up in Sudan and attending madrassas.
Suing Dearborn for arresting Christian evangelists.

Special Guest: George Saieg of The Center for Religious Debate


Genesis: The Big Ideas [10/13/2013]

Survey of the content and major themes of Genesis. 

The Doctrine of Creation, The Call of Abraham, God's Providence in Joseph's life and more! 
Suggested Resources: 
Pastor Vermon's sermons on Genesis 

First Friday Debate Review [10/06/2013]

Several callers voice their opinion on Vocab's recent debate with atheist William Costigan, including William himself.
We speak to an apologist and an atheist who were in attendance as well.

Watch the video of the debate here: "Ask a Question: A Christian & Atheist Discussion"


Solus Christus, Sola Deo Gloria [09/29/2013]

We break down the last two solas, explain why they are important and offer practical applications. We go over some feedback and play some nice Shai Linne rap tunes, too. Niiice. 

BONUS: We recommend these sermon preached at Roosevelt Community Church on these solas as a compliment to this program: Solus Christus by Tim Statezny and Sola Deo Gloria by Bob Korljan