A unique show that covers theology, faith, & culture w/a fresh urban slant. Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE debates, discusses, and dissects relevant questions and issues about the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective.

October 28, 2012

NT Reliability & Jesus Apps [10/28/2012]


We talk about the New Testament app Doug Powell created (NT iWitness) and his new book (Jesus iWitness). We focus on the reliability of the New Testament and the truth about the historical Jesus. We spend some time talking about using apps and technology to witness or teach.

Special Guest: Doug Powell of SelflessDefense.com
October 22, 2012

Abortion DEBATE [10/21/2012]


Vocab debates atheist Dylan Walker in-studio on the topic of abortion. Is it moral or immoral? Either way, why? Pastor Vermon hosts while Pastor Bob moderates. 

  Special Guest: Dylan Walker aka Skeptimus Prime
October 16, 2012

Mormon Archaeology and Artifacts [10/14/2012]


According to the BoM, what artifacts SHOULD be there? How do LDS apologists and archaeologists explain this? Examples include: Plates, leftovers from battles that were fought, or evidence of Reformed Egyptian. 

Special Guest: Sandra Tanner
October 7, 2012

Bold Evangelism [10/07/2012]


We focus on the missionary zeal that Paul and the early church demonstrated. What this should mean for us today?We also talk about The Street Apologist and interact with listener feedback.

October 6, 2012

Salt Lake City Evangelism [9/30/2012]


Vocab explains what he learned on his recent trip to Utah about the LDS as he was sharing the gospel with Mormons. Vocab shares his experience about witnessing with Aaron Shafovaloff downtown at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.