A unique show that covers theology, faith, & culture w/a fresh urban slant. Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE debates, discusses, and dissects relevant questions and issues about the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective.

January 29, 2012

How to Know the Will of God [01/29/2012]


A very practical show in which we talk about the following:
  1. Will of Decree GOD'S SOVEREIGN WILL
  2. Will of Desire GOD'S MORAL WILL
  3. Will of Direction THE WAY OF WISDOM
We also dismiss the PERFECT LITTLE DOT view, and debunk the signs view derived from Gideon's fleece. We instead emphasize the way of wisdom, giving practical advice on how this looks in the big areas.

January 22, 2012

Images in the Abortion Debate [01/22/2012]


We are joined by Jason Walsh of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. We give him a chance to lay out the reasons why he uses graphic images of aborted babies in public places as he seeks to make abortion unthinkable.

Special Guest: Jason Walsh of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

January 16, 2012

Mormons and The Virgin(?) Conception [01/15/2012]


Did Heavenly Father come down in his exalted human body and have sex with Mary - his own daughter - to impregnate her with Jesus? The question touches on a whole multitude of key issues such as the Mormon concept of God and man; Elohim's Heavenly wife (or even wives); incest; adultery, and the confusion about LDS doctrine among the rank and file Mormons regarding this issue. 

  Special Guest: Jeff Durbin
January 8, 2012

Atheist Billboards [01/08/2011]


One atheist said the motivation for the spat of atheistic billboards was to dispel some of the myths of being an atheist - what are those myths? “I don’t necessarily want to change minds” was another quote from one person - but is this descriptive of the campaign as a whole? One of the billboards says:  Love + critical thinking = open minds.  What is the meaning of that message? These are some of the questions we ask Dan Barker of FFRF. Dan is partly responsible for the Arizona Atheist Billboard Campaign. 

Special Guest: Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation
January 2, 2012

Christian Ethics and End of Life Care [01/01/2012]


Professor Patrick Smith joins Backpack Radio to discuss some important questions:

  • What are some of the ethical issues regarding end of life care?
  • What are the different opinions about these issues?
  • What are some things Christians should be thinking about when it comes to end of life care?
  • What are some basic principles Christians should have so that they might make biblically faithful decisions when it comes to end of life care?

Special Guest: Professor Patrick T. Smith. Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.