A unique show that covers theology, faith, & culture w/a fresh urban slant. Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE debates, discusses, and dissects relevant questions and issues about the Christian faith from a Biblical perspective.

November 28, 2011

Views on Biblical Interpretation [11/27/2011]


Some of the highlights:

  • Defining inerrancy (what it means and doesn’t mean)
  • How does inerrancy interact with biblical interpretation?
  • How should we rightly interpret the bible?
  • Why good exegesis matters (right ways and wrongs ways to interpret the Bible)
  • Distinguishing between absolutes, convictions, opinions, and questions
November 21, 2011

The Book of Mormon and Geography [11/20/2011]


We explore:

  • Why are there no maps in the back of the Book of Mormon?
  • What was Joseph Smith's view on boM geography?
  • What is the current day position of the LDS church's authorities on BoM geography?
  • What are some of the current LDS scholarly theories about BoM geography?
  • What about all the LDS-themed tours to the prospective locations?
  • What should be our response to these claims about BoM Geography

Special Guest: Chip Thompson of Tri-Grace Ministries.

November 13, 2011

The Abolition of Adoption in Islam [11/13/2011]


This shocking show about the abolition of adoption in Islam is significant because two of the show's hosts have adopted. This intriguing episode also speaks volumes about the composition of the Qur'an and shines a light on the character of Muhammad. 

Special Guest: Sam Shamoun of http://www.answering-islam.org/
November 7, 2011

The Dearborn Incident [11/06/2011]

A glimpse of Islamic persecution in the US. We talk to one of the missionaries who was arrested for witnessing to Muslims at the Arabic Festival in Michigan. We also have a lot of fun as we talk (and rap with) to apologist  David Wood about Sharia Law and what that means. 

Special Guest: David Wood of Acts17 Ministries
Check out David's great blog