Here are the topics we cover on The New Perspective on Paul:

  1. The meaning of the righteousness of God.
  2. The meaning of Justification.
  3. The imputation of Christ's righteousness.
  4. Have we misunderstood 2nd temple Judaism?
  5. Have we been getting the Gospel wrong for 2000 years?
  6. What practical impact does this new view have?

Special Guest: Pastor Jeff Durbin

 *You'll have to listen to the show to see where we got the title from.

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  • backpack

    One listener wrote in via a Facebook message and said this:

    “I listened to about 15 minutes, I think there needs to be a discussion without the rhetorical jabs that seriously considers what Scripture actually might be saying and a lot less hyperbole in regards to the so-called danger the NPP may actually create. It is vital that we actually get our hands dirty in exegesis history and theology without the ad hominem attacks which creates an a priori waving of the hand to theology which may actually have a point.”

    Do you guys agree with this listener?

    Jul 26, 2012 at 5:25 pm