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November 29, 2010

Uzis & The Dollar Dance [11/28/2010]

We discuss Creflo Dollar's credo of "If You Don't Pay Up, I'll Bust a cap in Your Backside" (aka The Tithe: Don’t Make Me Get Gangsta!). Here we speak on tithing, giving and some of the horrible views of Creflo Dollar and his ilk on this subject and talk about What Is Proper Christian Giving?

November 22, 2010

Mithras, Jesus & … Charles? [11/21/2010]

Mithras, Jesus & … Charles?  [11/21/10]

Historical insight on "The Christ-Myth" hypothesis. A professor @Arizona State University teaches this - who is it? We call him out by name on this show. We tracked down one of his former students and let him give you a firsthand account of life in ASU's Religious Studies Department. Our secret operatives inside ASU managed to track down three different hard copies of some tests where this professor actually tests students on how well they can repeat this false information.

Special Guest: "Sparky"


November 14, 2010

Critiquing Mere Christianity [11/14/2010]

Critiquing Mere Christianity  [11/14/2010]

This topic is highly relevant.; we discuss the new evangelical ecumenicism. This current trend is illustrated by Dinesh D'souza's career and in The Manhattan Declaration.


November 8, 2010

Christian Sabbath or Lord’s Day? [11/07/2010]

Why do we go to church on Sunday?
Why don’t we go to church on Saturday?
What does it mean when someone says 'The Lord’s Day'?
What does it mean when someone says 'The Christian Sabbath'?
Does it matter?

November 2, 2010

The New Atheistic Morality [10/31/2010]

The New Atheistic Morality  [10/31/2010]

A special episode on the "new Atheists".  Our particular focus is on a speech given by fundamentalist atheist Sam Harris while at TED. This episode is timely, as Harris (author of Letter to a Christian Nation) has even come to Arizona State University to discuss this issue.

Guest: Jeff Durbin